Santa Claus' Christmas Puzzles

The Coca‑Cola Company began its Christmas advertising in the 1920s in an effort to increase sales during the slower winter months. Several different images of Santa were used, but none proved to be popular with consumers until 1931. That year, Archie Lee, an advertising executive for Coca‑Cola, commissioned illustrator Haddon Sundblom to paint a Santa that was both wholesome and realistic. Sundblom looked to the Clement Moore poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” and his own Scandinavian heritage to create the big, red, jolly vision of Santa that the Company used for more than 30 years.The Company commissioned Sundblom to paint Santa for the last time in 1964, but by then, the popular image of Santa was the Coca‑Cola Santa Claus.

Do you want to see some of these classical illustrations of Santa Claus? So, try solving these 10 beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles which are bound to remind you the good times that Christmas gives to us. Hope you like them !!!